Organic Topsoil for Melbourne’s Gardens

Mulch 2 You provide Melbourne gardeners with quality products to enhance the aesthetic of their garden whilst enhancing its potential for growth and fertility. We have a mission of inspiring gardeners to ignite their passion for the garden, and in doing so provide them with superior, recycled garden care materials such as hardwood mulch and pebble screenings. We only source the best recycled products from around the country, in the hope of implementing proper mulch care practices. These products are ease to use and safe for kids and pets.

We have a range of organic topsoil available for purchase at our online store. Feel free to browse the selection of get in touch with the team at Mulch 2 You if you have any enquiries.

Why choose organic soil?

Organic soil is a great option for gardening for a variety of reasons. This includes:

  • Good for the environment – Organic soil does not contain any chemical additives that could potentially add to soil degradation over a longer period of time. Organic soil creates a fertile garden that can remain this way for extended periods of time. They are also highly bio-degradable and don’t cause any pollution to the wider environment.
  • Creates great produce – Organic soil creates produce that whilst tasting absolutely delicious is full of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. The nutrients are kept within the produce during the growing phase.
  • Health benefits – The use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides in soil has been linked to a wide variety of health problems. Organic soil does not contain any of these additives.

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